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Welcome to Citidental!

For over 4 years, we’ve been trusted by patients of all ages to provide high-quality dental care.  We have combined the latest dental technology with a warm, safe and modern atmosphere to help you feel completely at ease. 

You’ll love the spa-like feel of our lobby, the personalized care and the amazing dental results

Our expert team of Dentists, Hygienists and Dental Assistants are dedicated to helping you and your family create brighter smiles.  We can’t wait to see you! 



Tuesday: 9am-4pm
Wednesday, Thursday: 9am-6pm

Friday: 9am-2pm
Saturday: 9am-7pm

You Deserve A
Great Smile!

It’s easy to lose confidence in your appearance when you’re conscious about your stained, crooked or missing teeth.  But did you know that you can easily regain your confidence, lose your shy smile and look and feel even better than before? 

With natural-looking cosmetic solutions such as veneers, bridges, crowns and implants you can be on your way to a more confident you in no time.

Get the smile you deserve and that you’ll be proud to show off!


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile says a lot about you and sometimes a natural-looking cosmetic treatment is just what you need to perfect your smile and increase your self-confidence.

General Dental Treatments

Take care of your minor dental issues before they get worse! With regular check-ups and cutting-edge technology, you can catch any weak areas and address them quickly and save your smile. 

Restorative Dentistry

Dental Restoration is a marvel of modern dentistry that allows you to restore the function of a missing teeth or a damaged tooth structure that needs to be removed to prevent further decay.

making the connection between
your oral and general health!

What Our Patients Say...

For years I feared going to the dentist after a bad experience doing a root canal. I would get panic attacks just thinking of going to the dentist. But, about 3 years ago when I first visited Citidental, the experience was so good that I even fell asleep during my procedure. Dr. Moore is awesome and her assistants are great. At Citidental you can relax and know that you’ll be taken care of. I recommend them 100%!
Carlene Stoddart
"At first, I was nervous because I didn't like the instruments but, Dr. Pringle explained everything she was doing and she even told me some of the foods to avoid after my procedure. She made me feel comfortable."
Paris Palmer